New managing director

Doxa Plastics was founded in 1993 by Stig Claesson. Since then, Stig himself has held the position as Managing Director, but now Stina-Sandra Vesterlund is given the title.

After 27 years as Managing Director of Doxa Plastics, Stig Claesson will leave the position. Stina-Sandra Vesterlund, who will take over the position, has previously worked with Doxa Plastics as an consultant, and knows the business very well already.

The growth of Doxa Plastis has been outstanding in recent years and the company have shown a considerable positive result. The new Managing Director will continue the work to further the positive progress of the company.

”My vision for 2020 and the years to come is to offer our customers the option to choose carbon neutral versions of all our products, and to prove that we do not compromise, we stretch the possibilities”, says Sandra-Stina Vesterlund, Managing Director at Doxa Plastics.